Every fall I look forward to what I call “surprise bucks”; not necessarily the biggest deer, but the most unique specimens. Today’s nominee is this gorgeous piebald buck. Not sure where this buck was taken (as always, lots of rumors, but you know how that goes) or who the lucky hunter was…but this is surely one of 08’s prettiest whitetails.


About 10 years ago, I hunted a farm that I knew hosted a piebald (partially albino) doe. She was an old and wise matriarch that threw several all-brown fawns over the course of her life. One December evening I was in a stand overlooking an apple orchard when that deer wandered in, cut my boot tracks, and trailed them to the base of my tree. She gave me multiple shooting opportunities which I decided to pass….for no other reason than I just didn’t feel like killing her. That deer lived for at least three more seasons and—to the best of my knowledge—was never taken by a hunter.

Anyone else have encounters with a piebald or been lucky enough to shoot one?