About the time we posted the “Walking World Record?” video here, another monster whitetail was claiming video-star status. Click here to watch. This buck, a 14X12 (that’s 26-pointer, for us older guys) nontypical was filmed within the city limits of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I talked with Bill Corbett, an air traffic controller there, who has seen the buck several times and was interviewed for a local TV news spot about the deer.

As big bucks often do, this guy disappeared for a time. Rumors had it that the trophy whitetail was poached. Then, this week Corbett contacted me and sent the pics below. The buck is obviously alive, well, and gorgeous!



The buck resides in a non-hunting area, so Bill told me that while poaching is a legitimate concern, vehicle traffic may be an even larger problem for the buck. Local officials feel that media exposure will help prevent the former (a buck this big and famous would catch any taxidermist’s eye). As for the latter…drive carefully, Sioux Falls folk! With Bill’s help, we’ll try to keep tabs on this giant in the months to come!