In case you’d missed it, this year’s shed photo contest was captured by Jimmy Wallace of Grandview, MO. An avid shed hunter, Jimmy bagged these two monster horns from the same field…”Though I did find them in different years,” he admits. Any guesses as to the distance of the closest stand Jimmy has set near this field?


For those of you into stats, the typical shed scores 82” B&C, and the non-typical is a whopping 104”. That pushes the Fantasy Score (a matched opposite side, inside spread of 18”) of the typical buck into the 180’s, and the non-typ well above 200”! I don’t care where you shag your sheds, those are some impressive numbers!

Our congrats go out to Jimmy, and our thanks to all who submitted photos. It was an awesome lineup of pictures this year, and we look forward to seeing pics of your finds next year! Visit our Sheds Gallery to take a look at our overall favorites.