Illinois, well-known as a trophy whitetail hunting destination, was also the site of illegal hunting activity by a high-profile sportsman in 2004. Allen Blevins, a Tennessee attorney and president of Whitetail Properties, a company that specializes in selling hunting land, was convicted of violating state and federal game laws on Monday. Blevins was fined $7,500 and forced to turn over three whitetail mounts. In a plea agreement, Blevins admitted he violated bag limits, tagging procedures, and transportation laws while killing three trophy whitetail bucks in November of ’04.

Some reports state that Blevins was employed as a guide for Hadley Creek Outfitters (HCO) at the time of these violations, but HCO denies that Blevins was working for them in 2004. HCO is one of Illinois’ largest whitetail outfitters–guiding on over 20,000 acres in Illinois’ famous Pike County–and has been featured prominently in several outdoor television shows and hunting videos. Blevins’ Whitetail Properties is also a significant advertiser in outdoor TV.

Obviously, game law violatons by anyone are bad news, but this case will receive national attention and remain high-profile for weeks to come. It also showcases the definite downsides to living in trophy paradise.