OK, by now you know the “Field & Stream buck” is dead. If you don’t, check out Colin Kearn’s great story on the Buffalo County giant shot by bowhunter Bob Decker early this month. But if you think Wisconsin is done producing monster for the year, here’s another whopper to ponder.

Heath Tschumper of La Crosse shot this incredible 12-point in western Wisconsin about a week after Decker’s trophy fell. This buck sports great mass, tall tines and excellent symmetry. In fact, it will likely outscore Decker’s buck on the typical side. Heath’s buck has 42” of mass measurements alone, and minus a couple sticker points, seems to have few deductions.


These two giants prove why Wisconsin leads the nation in the number of P&Y entries, and the top-end bucks from the Badger State just keep getting better and better. With the Wisconsin firearms season set to open on Saturday, I expect to see even more super bucks come from here this fall! Great buck, Heath!