2007 has been a memorable season for many whitetail nuts, but for BuckTracker readers, it may well go down as the Year of the Lockup. Sure, we’ve shared great deer hunting stories, ogled giant bucks, oohed over albino whitetails, argued over garage-lot mulies, and even chuckled over grizzly bears on scout cams. But let’s face it, for some reason we’ve been bombarded by images of whitetail bucks that tangled with each other…and couldn’t get unlocked.
First we had the Boldings and their dramatic rescue of a South Dakota whitetail. Then we had the Tiger Ridge incident, where a WI hunter shot one of a pair of bucks tangled up with each other in a creek. And a North Dakota woman who saw a pair of bucks locked up in field, came back the next day, and shot one.
Image002And now, my friends, this. Twice in the last three days the following image of not two, but THREE whitetail bucks with horns hopelessly meshed has found its way to my inbox. Is this image photo-shopped or posed? Possibly. Could such a thing actually happen? I have no doubt that it could. At this point I have no way of knowing if these pics are a hoax or simply record one of the goofiest freaks of nature I’ve seen in awhile.
Regardless, I thought Buck Tracker readers would appreciate the irony of yet another entry into the strange fall of 2007. Anyone know anything about the origin or validity of these photos?