I suppose we should talk about Hillary Clinton at some point, and the occasion of her Nevada win seems as good a time as any.
First of all, I’m sure a number of us vote our sport — When Field & Stream’s 2007 Women Hunters Poll asked, Do hunting or gun issues affect the way you vote? 78% said yes. But in the throws of the current campaign season, it’s hard to resist asking the question, do some women vote their gender? Clinton
If the news coverage following Mrs. Clinton’s teary-eyed moment in New Hampshire can be taken as an indicator, the answer seems to be “Yes” for a number of voters. The New York Times, for example, quoted a local woman saying that the show of emotion in and of itself convinced her to cast a ballot for Clinton instead of Republican John McCain. “She is a woman,” the voter reportedly said by way of explanation. “Give her a chance.” The news story went on to point out that many women cited that display of humanity as a turning point that secured their support for Mrs. Clinton.
Of course, if you’re a woman who hunts, personality points aren’t enough. Mrs. Clinton’s well-known track record on gun control alone deserves grave consideration to say the least (The NRA’s Political Victory Fund gave her an “F” grade as a result of her position on firearms ownership).
Deciding your vote is a complicated task, and I for one am humbled by the responsibility. My interests as a sportsman weigh in, and I’m sure on some level my sensibilities as a woman weigh in as well. But my concerns as a human being on issues such as health care, education, and foreign policy are also key among the many considerations that determine my vote. – K.H.