I was approached a little while back by a young documentary filmmaker here in New York named Cathryne Czubek. She was working on a project about women and firearms and wanted to know if I could share my experiences. We filmed two interviews, and she just asked me if I could post a message on the blog asking for any other women hunters who might want to be involved to contact her.
Even if you’re not interested in a budding film career, the following post she provided is a neat description of what she’s been up to.
The photo is, from left to right, her cousin Whitney, NRA past president Sandy Froman, and Cathryne at a Babes With Bullets ladies handgun camp in Tucson, Arizona last Fall. Here’s Cathryne! –K.H.

I am an independent documentary filmmaker/photographer, and I have been exploring the subject of Cathryne_5 women and guns for the last several years. I have traveled around the country to document the diverse stories of women involved with guns for shooting sports and for self-defense. I have interviewed women from many different backgrounds, demographics, and experiences with guns. Interviews completed include everyone from the former president of the NRA Sandy Froman, to future Olympic skeetshooter Emily Blount, to the Babes With Bullets camp organizers Deb Ferns and Julie Goloski, to moms, single women, cowgirl action shooters, to professionals and to the young girls next door.

I was born in Virginia and grew up in Michigan, two very “gun friendly” areas, but firearms were never a prominent part of my life. In 2001, I met a group of young girls who shoot on a team together, and my relationship with them was what really sparked this journey. The surprise at seeing young women handle firearms cracked open a door that I don’t know I ever would have opened and introduced me to a world that I had previously only associated with men. I was truly intrigued by these young girls and the subsequent women I have met, whose stories have challenged common preconceptions of women and firearms, gunowners, and social gender codes. Since I began the project, I have also slowly learned of my family’s firearm collection and their own relationships with firearms.

I am currently searching for a woman who would like to participate in this documentary who is a hunter. The woman must be willing to appear and share her story on video. I am really interested in filming on a hunt, and would also want to film in a normal everyday environment (which could be at home, running errands, walking around the neighborhood, etc.). If you are interested, I would love to speak with you about your experience with hunting, your involvement with firearms, any obstacles you’ve encountered, any disapproval you’ve faced, how you feel about and how other’s treat you as a woman hunter, and how firearms have changed your life.

I would be more than happy to provide you with additional information regarding the project, my experience, or any other questions you might have if you are interested.You can contact me at Thank you so much! –Cathryne Czubek