Marabou Ranch is a luxury real-estate development near Steamboat Springs in northern Colorado. Homesite prices start at $2.8 million. Part of the appeal is flyfishing on the ranch’s 2.5 manicured miles of the Elk River. The stream-restoration work and the actual fishing are managed by my old fishing pal Pat Stefanek. Nice work if you can get it.

So far, so good. It turns out that Ray Sasser from the Dallas Morning News was up there fishing as a guest, about which he wrote in last Saturday’s paper.

Sasser described catching some big, dumb trout and also included the following anecdote: “When retired NFL quarterback Bubby Brister asked Marabou sales manager John Hillenbrand if they ever kept trout to eat, Hillenbrand’s response was classic of the catch-and-release mentality.

“Oh, heavens no,” Hillenbrand said. “Eating one of these trout would be like eating your tennis partner.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that. What on earth have we become?