My good friend Greg has three babies. Baby number 1 is new daughter Hayden, who he and his wife Susanne (baby number 2) just brought home from the hospital a few weeks ago. As it should be, baby number 1 takes precedence over all things right now.

Because of this, baby number 3 is a bit lonely these days. This baby is Greg’s brand-spanking new 32-foot Yellowfin center console, “The Filthy Animal.” While I have yet to meet baby Hayden in person, baby number 3 and I have been well-acquainted on the offshore grounds this summer. I’m sure she is sad as the other striper boats pass by this fall outbound to the inlet, but she must understand that Greg needs to get the newest crew member in peak fishing condition as soon as possible.

To help that along, I contributed the onezee worn by Hayden in these photos. Oh yeah, it’s a custom job my friends, with a Mold Craft Wide Range trolling lure on the front and current crew status on the back.
This gift tells you three things about me. One, I can be totally corny sometimes. Two, no matter the occasion I will find a way to tie a gift to fishing. And three, I know nothing about babies. I bought the “new born” size completely forgetting that babies actually grow…and apparently pretty fast…who knew? It will probably fit her for about a week, but I’m willing to bet Greg and Susanne will hang on to this one-of-a-kind.

I’m also willing to bet none of you can top this baby gift. Prove me wrong.