I already posted today, but I just came across a news story that I thought needed sharing. An angler in Texas caught an 8-pound largemouth, and when he opened it up (I presume, or at least hope, for dinner purposes) found a class ring in the stomach with the name “Joe Richardson” etched upon it.

The lucky angler did a bit of Internet sleuthing and found Mr. Richardson, to whom he returned the ring. Richardson, of Buna, TX, says he lost the ring in Lake Sam Rayburn during a fishing trip in 1987. Here’s the full story if you want to check it out.

This story got me thinking: is it worth starting a website listing the where and when of items lost while fishing in case they’re later found in the gullets of gamefish? Clearly this story proves fishing will eat anything. I’ll start.

If you find:

– A navy-blue Adidas hat with pewter striper pin in the stomach of a wahoo/grouper off Aruba, it’s mine and it was my luckiest hat ever. Lost 2005.

– A Verizon Razor cell phone in a striper/bluefish/fluke stomach off Seaside, NJ, it’s mine. Lost 2007.

– A 6-inch folding Buck Knife with redwood handle in a striper/bluefish/fluke stomach around Atlantic City, NJ, it’s mine. Lost ca. 1996.

– A pair of American Aviator “Top Gun” style aviator shades in a bass stomach from Spruce Run Reservoir, they’re mine. Lost 2006.

– A B.U.M Equipment watch in a bass from Rosedale Lake, keep it. B.U.M. Equipment is so 1988, dude. Lost ca. 1991.

So what have you lost?