As I’ve already explained my deep loathing of cell phones, I may as well add malls to the loathe list. Can’t stand them. Want no part of them, and no matter how great a sale or how many Christmas presents I need, I will avoid a shopping mall at all costs. There is nothing I thought could be so great that it would make me want to visit one for pure enjoyment until I came across this news piece from the British Daily Sun.

It goes like this: Since Dubai is supposed to be the future metropolis on a grand scale, posh, and ritzy, they decided to build the mall to end all malls in the city. But to make said mall even more lavish than it already would be, they built one of the world’s largest aquarium tanks right in the middle of it. Then they filled it with hundreds of sharks. Here comes the fun…

To quote the Sun, “Razor-toothed Sand Tiger sharks have killed at least 40 smaller reef sharks and have been aggressive towards divers working on final preparations in the giant tank… But as the grand opening on October 30 creeps closer, fears are rising that the amazing marine spectacle may become a bloodbath before shoppers’ eyes.”

I’ve seen sharks attack balloons, chum bags, gaff handles, and dolphins while fishing. Everything about shark encounters just amazes me. They are, in my mind, the perfect fish. Call me nuts, but what could be more entertaining than sipping an Orange Julius while watching sharks do what they do best among cries of terror from the poor kids handing out Hickory Farms samples and the guy dressed up as the Easter Bunny? That’s a mall experience I could stomach!