This blog is part shameless plug and partially derived from how awestruck I am every time I get in touch with buddy Mike Bromelow. Mike is the Canadian wonder-craftsman behind Musky Snax lures. I hadn’t heard from him in a while and when I emailed the other day I found out why. Turns out he’s launched a new line of jointed baits and has been busy testing them on frozen rivers in ridiculously low temperatures in God-knows-where, Ontario.

Mike originally hand-carved every bait style he made from cedar and has now advanced to molding jointed lures from his original carvings. But they are all still airbrushed by the man himself, and as you can see in the photo, they are about the most realistic musky lures out there. There’s a waiting list to get your hands on one. Add in the insane action of the lures and I can’t help but be blown away considering these are homemade jobs, not something pumped out of a sweat mill in China.


If the photo isn’t enough, check out the video of Mike testing his trout pattern. I love this clip because a) it’s set to Rammstein music (which has come up in past blogs), b) the lure looks so real, the boys from the Fly Talk blog might cast a caddis to it if they were there, and c) at least Mike is honest about why he wants you to buy one. Watch it to the end. Hey, I guess Canadian lure makers need new computers sometimes, too. But in all seriousness, take a look at the gallery on his site and you’ll quickly see that he also wants you to buy one because there is a good chance you’ll catch the musky of a lifetime on it.