Here’s the score. While perusing YouTube last night, I stumbled upon the video embedded here entitled “Extreme Rock Fishing: Made in Japan.” This is absolutely one of the most bizarre fishing videos I have ever watched. From what I gather, these Japanese anglers get dropped off on a rock by boat and spend the night catching fish with a 20-foot pole that is disconnected from the reel, which, by the way, looks to weigh about 150-pounds and actually gets bolted to the rock.

I have viewed this footage many times and conclude that I have no idea how this method works. I’m totally baffled, but the terminal tackle involved is pretty serious. Is the pole more like a gaff? Are they hand-lining or reeling? I just don’t know. So take a look and maybe we can put our collective blogosphere heads together and figure it out.

If the fishing isn’t bizarre enough, there’s some random samurai action going on and this whole menagerie is played out to Metallica’s “Unforgiven,” which, if you watch it a few times will become as hysterical to you as it has to me.

But one thing is for sure: Whether I figure out the method or not, this is an F&S feature waiting to happen. I want to party all night with the dudes in this video. So I plan to start a “Send Joe Cermele Extreme Rock Fishing in Japan” fund shortly. All I need is a plane ticket and a case of Miller to take out on the rock and I’ll produce the greatest fishing story ever told. Something whacked out happening is beyond inevitable.