Not long ago, my uncle invited me to do a bit of largemouth fishing on a golf course that shall remain nameless. I’ve joined him there before, and he legitimately has permission to fish all the ponds. It probably wouldn’t surprise many of you if I said it is some of the best bass fishing I have ever experienced.


Fishing this course is one of those fantastic, and often rare, opportunities to wet a line in your own bass Eden with almost no pressure. My uncle will actually skip certain ponds every other season to keep the pressure off even more. We all know of places like this, but of course, most of them are off limits.

I’ll admit I’ve hopped a few fences back in my dumber days, fished under the cover of darkness, and showed little regard for “No Fishing” signs at frilly neighborhood ponds with fountains for the sake of laying a Jitterbug in front of a fatty bass that has never seen such a thing. So let’s hear your tales of stealth, guile, and sneakiness in the name of largemouth…or any other fish. You know you salivate over the pond at the office park or behind the Home Depot that “the man” just doesn’t want you to fish. There’s got to be some juicy stories out there.