I’ve decided I’m going to jump on the New Year’s resolution band wagon. Merwin already posted his (fish more, work less), which I totally agree with, although for me that’s more a life mantra than a resolution. But I’m going to play off it and go a step further by presenting the five fish I resolve to catch this year. I am, however, realistic enough to know that I’ll be lucky to get one out of five, but it’s fun to pretend. If you want to understand more about my picks (and kill a little time at work), click on each species for some video explanation courtesy of YouTube.

Atlantic Salmon: No, not those wannabe stockers that certain New England states are dumping in rivers that are just as polluted as they were when all the native salmon died the first time. I want the real deal in Newfoundland or Quebec. I think it’s the history of this fishery that makes it so attractive.

Mongolian Taimen: They’re the largest member of the salmonid family and to catch one, you need to be guided on camel back by a Sherpa or some such over Siberian peaks to rivers with names that sound like they’re from the 1988 film “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” (gimme props for a severely off-the-wall movie reference!)

Giant Trevally: The biggest of the big I probably wouldn’t have the strength or stamina to handle, but these fish are just brutes, and as luck would have it, they live in fun destinations, like Fiji. Plus, they’re suckers for topwaters and the takes are just sick. Total toilet flushers.

Delaware River Muskie: This is a personal quest. I live five minutes from the “Big D” and I know there are plenty of muskies swimming around in there, but what I gather from the few people that target them seriously, they’re even tougher to catch than the muskies in Lake of the Woods. I’ve even seen them swim by while wading in the summer, but couldn’t hook up. Most people catch them by accident…ie, the dudes in the video, which is the only video I could find of a muskie from the Delaware. This is who I’m up against.

50-pound Striped Bass: This is my year. I will conquer the beast. I’ve come so close…just three pounds shy. But this…is…my…year.

So lay it on me. No matter how far away or how weird, give me the five fish you’d love to have in your catch log by December 31, 2009.