First, know this: I hate cell phones. I HATE them. But like the rest of the drones walking and talking, dining and talking, shopping and talking, it breaks my heart to admit that I am now lost without the stupid thing.

The only time I refuse to use a cell phone is while fishing–with the exception of getting or giving hot tips on the ocean without broadcasting on VHF. Any other scenario, it is off and tucked away for emergency purposes, but as an angler I’m sure many of you have found out the hard way cell phones are in grave danger when they accompany us to our favorite outdoor recreational activity.


I have dunked no less than seven of them since the cell phone craze started. First there’s denial: “It’ll dry out and come back on,” you convince yourself. Then there’s pleading: “Come on, you’re almost there,” as you watch the screen flash on, then melt into a digital tie-dyed print of uselessness. Then once the man at customer service says, “sorry, there’s nothing we can do to recover all your stored numbers,” there is dread, sorrow, and defeat.

Maybe not anymore. As much as I despise cell phones, Casio has just released the G’zone, and guess what…it’s water-resistant! Of course, only up to a meter, but they recommend clipping a float to it while fishing. This is absolutely the phone for me. How about you? And while we’re on the subject, any tips on recovering wet phones would be interesting. Tell me how many you’ve dunked, too.