As I’ve finally got something to talk about, now is as good a time as any for me to jump in on Mr. Merwin’s blog. I used to blog under the moniker “Little Tuna” many moons ago while working at Salt Water Sportsman magazine. It’s good to be back.

Now I’m with F&S, and have been given Merwin’s permission to type at you on the occasion. I guess you could say he’s the owner of the prestigious lodge and I am the annoying guy no one wants to join, but who is constantly banging at the back door. Oh, and Merwin says I’m only aloud to refer to him as a “geezer” once a month. Guess I just burned that for August, but it’ll be September soon.


So I just returned from traversing Alaska with a good friend and five fly rods between us. We made an RV our home for seven days, and it got me thinking about fish perfume. On this particular trip, the fragrance by day four was an equal mix of Oscar Meyer boloney, wet socks, pots of dried Ramen Noodles, wader must, stale Alaskan Amber, and salmon slime. With the doors open, no problem. Shut the RV and the stench could gag a maggot.

It was a new combo for me, as this was my first trip to Alaska and first salmon experience. The normal fish perfume on my clothes by day’s end is a concoction of New Jersey striped bass or bluefish slime, chum, cigarette smoke, boat soap, and the orange barbecue powder from a bag of Lays.

Let’s hear your regular fish perfume recipe. I’ll send the most rank entry a few spools of Spider Wire Braid. But be honest…I want the odors from your actual fishing outings, whether it be on your person, in your truck, ice shanty, etc.

Joe Cermele…JC from here on.