While cleaning out some folders on my computer, I came across the photo below.
Pretty ugly right? Yeah, that dates back to my college years, when I decided that a fun hobby to explore would be traditional skin-mount taxidermy. It began with a sale at my local library, where I stumbled upon “Russell Tinsley’s Guide to Home Taxidermy.”

My buddy Chris desperately wanted to grill this nice striper, but I conned him into letting me have it for a test subject. Despite the poor paint job (c’mon, it was my first attempt) he hung it in his room. A week later, he hung it in his basement after a slight foul odor was noticed. A week after that, he hung it in the garage after a stronger foul odor was noticed. Before long it rotted off the plaque until it hung in the garbage can on the curb. I think he saved the bucktail from its mouth.

I must not have realized the importance of getting the Borax Laundry Powder in every nook and cranny of the fish. I made three more attempts at mounting after this, all of which failed miserably expect for one largemouth that I still have hanging today. Maybe I’ll take a picture of it for you. It’s good, I swear, but still, I have since retired from the hobby.

Any fun adventures in taxidermy? Have a mount you hate? One you love? You want me do to some work for you? I come cheap.