This Saturday, I reluctantly went Christmas shopping. I find no enjoyment in this, but ’tis the season. The only mildly comical part of hanging out in the mall this time of year is watching little tykes crying on Santa’s lap as mom forks over $20 for the photo, or the chance to see a young child drop a cherry slushie off an escalator into the mob of shoppers below (this is a rare gem. I saw it last year. cherish it). But this year I found something funnier. As I happened by the Kenneth Cole store, some boots caught my eye and out came the cell phone camera.
I instantly recognized this footwear as the same PVC deck boots I have worn fishing for the last ten years.This is no exaggeration. These are exactly the same boots with the same tread and cut lines, albeit they are sexy silver and have the Kenneth Cole logo stamped upon them while mine are classic white and made by Servus. I’d bet anything they came from the same factory, the white ones ending up in tackle shops across the country, the silver in the world of high fashion. Aside from keeping slime, scales, blood, and saltwater off your feet, the appeal of white rubber deck boots is that they’re dirt cheap ($20) and last forever. Kenneth Cole’s take on this reliable footwear sold for $65 and will probably be out of style by New Year’s Eve.

If designers are going to rip off the fishing culture, what’s next? Maybe girls will be strapping into Juicy Couture oil skins, popping a glow stick in their mouth and hitting the club. Or how about unisex Gucci hip waders? Spilling a caramel apple-tini on your legs or barfing on your shoes after a long night out wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Do you have any ideas for crossover fishing fashions?