I’m back in the office and promised I’d announce winners of both my Fish ID Contest and the Stench Contest today. So here we go.

The Stench Contest winner is Alabamahunter. That fish perfume recipe (Gulp! juice, B.O., doe-in-heat scent, gasoline, etc.) was just nasty. Blue Ox’s story was actually nastier, but even he admitted it was a freak occurrence, not a recurring aroma. But since I enjoyed the story and appreciate any and all blog responses, Blue Ox shall also receive some braided line. Guys, shoot me an email at with your names and addresses.

As for the Fish ID Contest…nobody got the list 100% correct. Perhaps I made this one a little too tricky. Oh well, guess I’ll just hang on to the new bass boat I was going to give away for that one. The correct ID list is:

1. Cutthroat
2. Redfish
3. Dolphin, a.k.a. Mahi-Mahi
4. Dolly Varden
5. False Albacore, a.k.a. Little Tunny
6. Silver Salmon (this is the one everyone thought was a rainbow)
7. Yellowtail Snapper
8. Weakfish (everyone went bluefish here)
9. Chum Salmon
10. Atlantic Bonito, a.k.a. Green Bonito

Merwin is dreaming up another contest to be posted soon, so stay tuned. His prize will trump the measly braided line us junior staffers have to offer. He has real toys to give away – JC