Fishing is still steady, even after the “Heat Wave”. Most afternoons have been getting clouds and some rain. On the South Fork, the Canyon stretch has been fishing well for me. Big Grand Hoppers 2-4s, with droppers or Quigleys PMDs if seeing a hatch. Will work riffles alittle, fish still eating PMDs. Section 4, still working good for me as well, Para-hoppers on the grassy banks, getting good browns and cutthroats.

The Snake in Wyoming is good. Just went through a 3-4 day blow out and now new daily releases from Jackson Lake. If coming fishing look at to see waterflows. Fishing mostly variations of red, purple and yellow Wing-Thing Ants and Para-hoppers with either Para-Adams, Purple Haze or red Copper Johns or bigger size Flashback Pheasant Tails. Some days the banks fish and other days the drop offs, really only one way to find out. Mostly fishing in the Grand Teton National Park. Whitewater stretch also fishing well for me.

The Aug. 1 opener of Flat Creek was interesting. If you got out early and frothed the water w/big black streamers you probably did well. If you came out for the big rising fish mid-morning to mid afternoon you might have seen a fish or two. We get ours…barely. Water temp was 56 in the heat of the day and water levels pretty low. Do the fish a favor and help yourself out. Walk around til you find a rising fish, then cast.
Some smaller pmds and some mahogonys. Small hoppers and black flying ants are good patterns.

Again, come out and fish. Do check out the water flows. On the South Fork, they have been dropping flows and its best to fish a couple of days after a big drop. On the Snake in Jackson, they are slowly raising until Sept 10 and then dropping until the winter flows. Hopefully, the slight 80-100 cfs bumps up won’t miss up fishing, at least the water will remain cooler.

Curt Hamby