So what do you make of this incident in Vermont, where a grade school student was silenced by his teacher for talking about hunting in class? According to this Rutland Herald story the student, Jared Harrington, was discussing turkey hunting with a classmate during a free snack time, when his teacher reportedly covered her ears to block out the conversation, then told Harrington there was to be no talk of “killing” in her room.
Harrington’s father said that when he later confronted the teacher about the incident, the conversation ended with her asking him to leave the classroom (the paper noted there was some “screeching” involved in her request).
According to Harrington’s parents, the teacher then seemed to single out their son with unfair treatment such as assigning excessive homework. Citing freedom of speech issues, the parents took the incident up with the school board and ultimately decided to home school their son for the remainder of the year.
Even if you’re willing to give the teacher the benefit of the doubt, it’s hard to come up with much to say in her defense. I’m not sure what I would have done as a parent in response to such a situation, but I will say I don’t envy that school board’s prickly job of finding a solution for it. -K.H.