With my apologies, the Gear Giveaway is taking one week off, and will return next Friday with another great prize from Filson. But no worries, a week off now just means it will last a week longer later!
In the meantime, I thought I’d post these comments from Paula, our first gear winner of the year, who had a recent and unexpected run-in with a neighbor’s dog. Something like this happen to anyone else? -K.H.

Before entering woods to go to my tree stand, I sprayed my boots with fox urine, I then hunted all day without any success.  When I came back in, my friend (who owns the farm) asked me to come in as she wanted to show me something.  I walked in the door as I had a zillion times before and her Alaskan Malamute chomped into my thigh. I screamed and backed out the door, she started to come after me and was ready to chomp on my calf but luckily her owner got a hold of her in time.

I have known this dog for years, I have been in their home with her and have dog sat her lots of times and have had her in my home sometimes as well.  Couldn't figure out why she attacked me.  Turns out she bit another hunter on the boot the week before, the hunter who taught me to spray my boots with fox urine.

 I got the bottle of fox urine out and read the back; it reads:  **WARNING - do not spray on clothing or body as you may be attacked.**

**** Now, if I had read that before Saturday, I would have thought it was part of their advertising or something. I even might have thought it funny, attacked by what? My boyfriend will find it arousing? that could be a good thing! the coyote I’d been hunting?

 I take hunting safety very seriously and thought I was over careful. A few stitches, antibiotics and tetanus shot later, I will read all scent bottles and take their warning seriously!