Runoff is in full swing in Colorado, so it may be the perfect time of year to explore other waters you have considered fishing and trek in to see what it is like, or fill up the belly boat to fish one of the many reservoirs that populate the great state of Colorado.

Currently Cheesman Canyon, Deckers, Arkansas, and the North Fork of the South Platte River are experiencing run-off coloration and levels. They are still fishable next to the banks and behind large structures, but why throw flies when you can’t see fish is my philosophy. If you do go, check the Colorado Division of Water Resources website for current flows. And use this scouting rig to find the fish: A standard two- or three-fly system with a San Juan worm, baetis, and emerger set-up. Give yourself 15 minutes in your starting position before changing flies or location. If you’re not having much luck, try seining the water or checking under rocks to see what bugs are moving, then imitate accordingly.