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Tyler Florczak with a mainframe 8-pointer.. Submitted

It’s feeling more like fall in the region, and whitetails are responding accordingly. Wisconsin bowhunter Tyler Florczak shot a fantastic mainframe 8-point Saturday evening, and he reported red-hot hunting the entire weekend, thanks to a cold front that dropped temps as much as 30-degrees across the area.

“The cold snap definitely was the key to this successful hunt,” Tyler says. “I saw for sure nine different bucks that night and had many of them sparring for an hour or more around me before, during and after the encounter with the buck I harvested. The cold weather had them moving really good and paired with a perfect wind, made for awesome action.”

Don’t underestimate the power of a cold front to get deer on their feet. Tyler had nicknamed the buck he shot “Vampire” because of his lack of daylight pictures of the deer. A cold front was all it took for the deer to abandon his nocturnal ways.