Mr. Bartkowski brings up a very good point when he mentions the color issue.

Do trout really key on colors? I must say, when the mayflies are hatching, I match size foremost … with a gray parachute Adams. When it’s PMD time, I’ll use a yellow or cream colored parachute. But I’ve never been a big advocate of specific shades. Until now.

Recently, I’ve found purple to be a hugely important hue in my flybox. When no other attractor nymph works, the purple Prince will. Then there’s the blue midge, or the blue glo-bug. Blue? You can turn over a million rocks in the river, and never see anything remotely similar to a purple Prince (or regular Prince for that matter) or a blue midge. Yet they work. My theory is that differentiation is the real factor in play here … and a good drift trumps all. Anyone with some good sources on colors as they relate to trout attraction, please chime in.