The first snow has hit Colorado and created another epic day on the river. The previous day was spectacular fishing (first picture), but the second day is something that you have to experience for yourself. Some of my greatest days have come on overcast snowy days. Yesterday was no different. Where else would you rather be than latching into large fish on a regular basis and looking into the beautiful mountainside watching the snow cap the very tops.


Through proper layers and Gortex I was repeating myself with FISH ON!!! My clients were a family that gets together annually for several days of guided fly fishing trips. I spent my two days at Lincoln Hills Fly Fishing Club in Pinecliffe, Colo. that accumulated almost six inches of snow the between Saturday night and Sunday morning, which there is a fine line between the two in the world of guides.

Our fly selections were plenty with the majority of fish being taken on Salmon Eggs, Red San Juan Worms, Lighting Bugs, RS2, and a new brown midge emerger I tied up several weeks ago.

The golden mountainsides were just that with snow still falling throughout the entire day. It made the scenery all that much more special as we were the only one’s in the river. The group I had said that they will remember this day for the rest of their lives as they have never fished in the snow.


by Anthony Bartkowski