Just wanted to share the news that Field & Stream special projects editor Dave Hurteau and his wife have just welcomed a new baby boy (you know Dave if you read the F&S news blog). Dave (who, in addition to being a great hunter, writer, and fly-casting teacher is just an all-around awesome guy) made the following interesting comments in a recent post about his son’s arrival. It’s sparked some encouraging discussion if you want to check it out . -K.H.

Since our new boy’s arrival, quite a number of friends and family members have said to me, “Now you’ve got your little hunter.” … I sincerely appreciate the sentiment behind that remark, and I absolutely plan to hunt with my son one day — if he’s game. But does the remark not seem a little outdated in this day and age when you consider that I already have a 2-year-old girl? As I see it, I already had my little hunter — and now I’m thrilled to have another one. -D.H.