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  • Classic baits that entice big fish to strike on the surface

    Companies have spawned seemingly every conceivable critter into a topwater bait—from frogs and rodents to flying mammals, birds, and even turtles. While some lures…
  • helpful fishing tools

    A rundown of the best grips, kits, pliers, and knives that will make your life easier on the water

    Over the years, angling tools have become stronger, lighter, more durable, and more functional than their predecessors, so you can do just as much, but carry less.
  • new fishing lures

    Our fishing experts pick the hottest new lures, baits, and fly patterns that'll have rods bent and drags screaming all year.

    Are your tackle trays and fly boxes looking a ­little lean after last season? Even if they aren’t, you know you love loading up with the freshest ammo before the spring…
  • bass fishing with soft mold plastic bait

    Custom soft plastic and swimbait designs crafted by independent craftsman are changing the way anglers stock their tackle boxes

    Compared to mass-produced lures, handmade soft plastics and swimbaits from independent designers make it easy for anglers to request some specifically for their favorite…

Survival Gear

  • hunter using phone illustration

    Smartphone map apps can help plot a course, but there's no better replacement for tracking where you've gone and where you're going than a map and compass

    Reasons why it's important to learn how to read a topographical map and plot your course using landmarks, waypoints, and a good old-fashioned compass.
  • Ron Lake Folder

    Here’s our list of the greatest, most innovative, iconic, and coolest knives of all time

    Our list of the 25 best knives ever…
  • groove wedding ring, silicone, bone collector

    Some wedding jewelry you didn't know you needed

    Some wedding jewelry you didn't know you needed…