Great camp cookery is not just about planning the perfect recipe with fresh ingredients—you also need the right cooking utensils. There’s no reason to raid the kitchen drawers before you head outdoors when you can have everything in one handy travel kit. Just make sure it has these three go-to items to help you lay on the feed.

Easy to Carry

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Fried eggs, flapjacks, burgers, and the full family of bi-faced comfort foods rely on you to treat them right by flipping with a proper spatula rather than a fork or some stick you sharpened around the campfire. A heat-resistant plastic or silicon spatula won’t scratch your pans, but if you are cooking in cast iron, you will get more mileage out of a stainless-steel spatula. You are cooking in cast iron, right?

Top Pick

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Hot dogs, steaks, tortillas, pasta, corn roasted in the husk—these are the provinces of a seasoned tong master. Just make sure your tongs are long enough to get the job done so you don’t have to get your hands too close to a flame.

Multiple Colors

Your gear will stay safe even if conditions change while you’re out trekking. Bisgear

You don’t want to slave over a hot soup only to watch your campmates try to dish it out by the tablespoon. Carry a proper ladle, or at least a serving spoon, to make sure your ten-bean soup or duck gumbo is still piping hot by the time it’s in the bowl.