Times It’s no secret that I’m a loyal fan of historic Field & Stream covers. But I gotta say, these 1890’s promotional posters for The New York Times and New York Sunday Herald are also pretty great.
I posted the one for the Times larger because if you squint you can make out the cover line “Fair Adirondack Dianas: Women Who Are Skilled At Shooting Deer, Etc…” At least I think that’s what it says. The media/pop culture site was so taken with the poster they put it up yesterday as an example of ways inSundayherald which newspapers of yore were less apologetic and politically correct than today. When F&S associate editor Brian McClintock sent me a link to it this morning, I thought it was the greatest thing I’d seen all week.
Gawker had gotten the image from a newspaper poster collection compiled by the New York Public Library, and I browsed through to find this other poster for the Sunday Herald.
I just can’t get enough of these vintage covers and posters featuring women hunters. I wish I had enough wall space to start framing them. I also can’t get over the shoulder pads — or poofs — or whatever you call those things the women in these illustrations are wearing. I know I could never pull off that much style in the field. -K.H.