There were a lot of great entries this time, and what I especially liked was that I and so many others could see lure-color ideas and fishing tips from all across the country. Thanks to all of
you for that.

To troutrageous1, who tweaked me by insisting that everything be red (in response to a recent column where I said the opposite), here’s a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Thanks for the laugh.

Several people described matching lure color to water color, a good concept that often works. Other described “matching the hatch,” so to speak, choosing lure colors based on predominant natural forage–
also a good idea.

Among those, I think Michael Nix phrased it best: “Regardless of the time of year or location, the best lure color is the one that matches the predominant food source for the given place and time. Thus, no one color is always the best to use. The question to be answered does not reference what our favorite color may be. The question asks which lure color is the best. Naturally, the answer will depend upon a myriad of factors, but the selection will always boil down to matching the predominant food source for a given place and time. The job in lure color selection, then, is to determine what that food source is!!!”

Michael, drop me an e-mail with your snail-mail address at and I’ll get your lures on their way.