Some people say a San Juan Worm is a dirty fly. Might as well use a real worm. Others say using egg patterns is a downright nasty trick in any conditions, at any time of year. And there are even a bunch of ultra- purist types out there who say a brass bead is at least a minor offense.

Well leave it to Orvis–that icon of all things pure and traditional–to give us a fly pattern that incorporates all these blemishes on the complexion of fly design in one neat little package: The “Eggi Juan Kenobi,” which is part egg, part worm, part beadhead… and all gnarly. Hey, if you’re going to take the gloves off, you might as well do it right. The only thing missing is the spray-on scent. Personally, having never been hung up too much on matters of “bad form,” and with purely science-based interests in mind, I gave it a ride yesterday. Yeah… it catches trout so effectively, I now have a (mild) guilt complex.

I’m looking for absolution. They say “all’s fair in love and war.” But in flyfishing? What say you?