Dig your way out of anything with this compact shovel

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There are many ways to prepare for emergencies, from stocking up on food and supplies to making sure you can power things when times get rough. However, you might forget about the need to be able to move snow, dirt, or debris out of the way since that’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind. With the Multi-Function Folding Emergency Shovel, you’ll be able to dig your way out of any situation.

This shovel is no ordinary shovel, but that’s already evident based on the name alone. With its ability to fold up, you’ll be able to fold it into a compact position perfect for the trunk of your car or an emergency kit that you’re storing somewhere. Being both compact and durable, it’s a great thing to have around, even on that occasional camping trip you might take. It also comes with a carrying case to store the shovel in while it’s folded, to keep the semi-sharp edges away from things.

Grab a Multi-Function Folding Emergency Shovel and don’t get stuck in a situation wishing you could dig your way out. They’re on sale for 63 percent off right now, for a low $22, so snag one and be prepared for anything.