I’ve been hearing an awful lot of negatives lately about ATVs. Trout Unlimited is on a kick to clamp down on quad riding in environmentally sensitive areas where stream habitat may be compromised. Sounds logical to me.

But I’ll call myself a hypocrite before one of you does. Truth is, one of my best fishing adventures was in Alaska … and it never involved a float plane. We fished by quad. We stayed on established trails, but we found a vast and exciting realm sandwiched between the crowded rivers by highways and the expensive fly-out lodges. Check it out:

Quads in Alaska

Seems to me that it’s a matter of assuming some responsibility and doing things right. Ride like a banshee, and people will object. Ride responsibly, and the quad is your chariot to the next river over. But I wonder what you all think about the issue. What’s the real dirt on ATVs and flyfishing?