My boyfriend and I are waiting for the day when our cats get jobs. I asked Dan the other night how he thought their search was going. He said it seemed to be going great — our calico had found a new spot on a shelf that she could sit in and look cute. Now she’s just waiting for someone to turn up and pay her for it.
Although two dogs making headlines this week haven’t necessarily landed paying gigs, at least they’re getting themselves out there. According to this story, a yellow Lab in Fairhope, Al. named Willie Bean Roscoe P. Coltrane, is running for mayor. His campaign is currently in full swing with T-shirts and lawn signs, and is headquartered at his owner’s coffee shop. Willie’s mayoral run came about when the seven candidates already in the race were acting so absurdly, his owner wanted to make a statement about the ridiculousness of the situation.
The second dog with something important to do is chocolate Lab Remi Sue Lajaunie of Thibodaux, La., who served as ring bearer in his mater’s wedding last weekend. This story says the bride had given the dog to her soon-to-be husband years earlier, who named the Lab after his Remington shotgun. By all accounts, Remi discharged her duties with grace and good manners.
And in the meantime, our calico is still sitting on her shelf, waiting for a paycheck. We’re so proud. -K.H.