I’ll admit right now that I find 90% of fishing programs on television boring, stupid, and borderline repulsive. If I hear, “Nice fish, pretty colors” once more, I’ll puke.

But here’s one I think will be a shining lantern of integrity and entertainment. Our buddy Conway Bowman, the mako shark man, is setting off this Friday, February 15th, with a new series on Versus called “Dollar Wise Fly.” Now, I know I’m going to like tuning into this one because Conway is another one of my favorite people to fish with in the world, and I’m betting his positive vibe will get transposed through the airwaves. I also like the premise: Rather than watching another middle-aged guy’s toothy grip ‘n grins from a five-star lodge half way around the world, Bowman’s show is going to highlight hot fishing on the cheap … meaning stuff anyone can reasonably pull off. I’m told that even includes an episode on dollar-wise fishing around Aspen, which I gotta see to believe.

Episode 1 will feature Conway with another Fly Talk guide, Captain Gregg Arnold, down in the “Land of Giants” of Louisiana, fishing for bull redfish. I won’t give away the whole storyline … but if you ever wanted to see a 37-pound bull red landed on the fly … from a kayak … you might want to check your local listings.

Get the schedule of the show here.