If you’re into bowfishing, why not cowboy, er Indian, up and do it like a man? Compound bow? Nah. Graphite arrows? C’mon. Modern sights? Jeez.

After watching the natives on the Secure River in Bolivia catch their lunches, I got a whole new appreciation for how sporty bowfishing can be. Carve your own hardwood bow. String it with a piece of thick twine. Cut long arrows from cane, then carve barbed arrow points from hardwood. Fire away … at sabalos (fish not much larger, but much faster, than trout). I watched a 10-year old boy “practice” by kicking a fruit the size of a grapefruit and hit it with his arrow at 15 yards before it hit the ground. Remarkable. And, oh, by the way, they ate everything they shot. Now that’s traditional archery.

I’m not sure the natives ever figured out why we waved those funny long sticks with the colored strings to catch our fish… Point taken.