I’ve heard from a lot of my fly fishing buddies how interesting and beautiful Cuba is as a place to go fishing. And they all make a point to say, “Man, you have to go now, before Castro is out of power.” As if the experience is going to get a whole lot worse when Fidel is gone.

I’m not going. And I’m not going to Venezuela either, for that matter. Because I’m not into supporting dictatorships that consider the United States an enemy. Yeah, I know the response … “But your really helping the people, not the government … fish have no political persuasions … blah, blah, blah.” You can go. But I won’t.

When I spend my money to go fish the salt, I’m going Florida, or better yet, to the Katrina zone on the Gulf Coast, where my business still makes a difference to other citizens of this country who are still feeling the effects of a terrible hurricane disaster. My two cents. Feel free to offer your own.