Don’t get stuck on the trail without the nCamp Coffee Kit

With this innovative kit, you can brew coffee wherever you go.

Coffee has nearly become a staple for people in the morning, or perhaps even in the evening. No matter when you drink it, it’s often more than just a quick energy fix. It’s often a relaxing start to the day, and for some people, a daily ritual. When you hit the great outdoors on your next camping trip or quick weekend getaway though, don’t miss out on that morning cup, thanks to the nCamp Camp Coffee Kit.

This isn’t just some standard brewing kit. It’s more portable than you could ever imagine but comes complete with everything you’ll need to brew a quick 12 ounces of coffee on the go. The brewer cafe itself is roughly the size of a water bottle. The included water bottle however actually holds 24 ounces of water, which is enough to get you 2 brews of coffee. You’ll also get a nesting cup with a silicone wrap for insulation and better grip. All of this is easily transportable thanks to the included drawstring bag as well, making this a truly portable coffee brewing dream.

The nCamp Camp Coffee Kit is on sale for only $62 today.