Apparently the recent “false flood” experiment in the Grand Canyon did
have a notable impact on the aqualogy of the Colorado River system.
In fact, prolific runs of dorado (mahi mahi, dolphin) have reportedly
pulsed out of the Sea of Cortez, and into the freshwater rivers in the
American Southwest. In this case (see photo) a reasonably fresh
“peanut” do-do seems to have made its way into the upper Colorado
River, near Kremmling, Colorado.

Apparently, it ate a black woolly
bugger, and was soon after sold to a local sushi bar. “Normally, fresh
dorado is a pipe dream at altitude, but this is amazing,” said angler
Joey Lin. “I don’t know if the false flood did jack s#*& for the
humpback chub below Glen Canyon, but I think the scientists really hit
a home run with this new fishing bonanza in the West.”

The only issue at this time is what to call the fish, as they go by
different names in different parts of the world. Right now, “dorado”
seems to be leading in angler preference, as it more accurately
reflects the region’s Spanish influence. However, “desert dolphin”
and “mountain mahi” are garnering considerable momentum. Cast your
vote by comment below.