“There is no dumber fish on earth than a yearling bass.”

I didn’t say it. My dear friend, Charlie Meyers, outdoors editor for the Denver Post did. Got me scratching my head and wondering about which fish are indeed the dumbest in the world. Hatchery-raised trout must be up there … blitzing stripers would probably eat a Coke bottle if you threw it in the right spot … bluegills are pretty easy … and you can talk about your wild cutthroats all you want; those that haven’t seen a fly are suckers for just about anything. Having seen a mako shark get stuck three times with the same fly, and then come back to eat it again, had me consider putting makos on the list. But then I decided they were just bad-ass.

What do you think? What fish is the “anti-permit?” The more I kick it around, the more I agree with Charlie. Sorry bass nation. But those young bucketmouths are just plain stupid. Not ‘ol mama bass. The young ones. Say “dumb bass” fast enough, and it all makes sense…