Our brethren on the deer hunting side of this Field & Stream website offered up a debate over shooting “locked up” deer. That’s debatable? You must be kidding me.

Truth is, we anglers aren’t exactly lily-white when it comes to our “fair chase” ethics. And most specifically, I’m talking about foul-hooking (at best) or snagging (at the gutter-worst) fish.

Anyone who snags a fish intentionally is a jerk. And that especially includes salmon snaggers. But what about the accidental foul-hooker? Sure, it happens to any serious angler …

Accidental … okay. But that fish doesn’t count. Belly-hook a 23-inch rainbow and hold it up for a camera shot … shame on you. And more than three fish fouled on a given day means you’re doing something terribly wrong. A fouled fish isn’t a caught fish, no matter how you slice it.