1. Flashlight: It’s handy whenever you’re out after dark, essential if you’re stranded and have to signal for help.

2. Adjustable Wrench: This has a wide variety of uses, from opening reel covers to tightening trolling-motor bolts.

3. Split-Ring Pliers: They open split rings and allow you to replace hooks quickly and easily.

4. Lure Dye: With Spike-It lure dye, you can change a lure’s hue in seconds ($4.50 per bottle; 912-842-2653;

5. First-Aid Supplies: Don’t let a minor injury ruin your day. If you bury a hook in your hand, for example, some simple supplies will let you take care of the problem on the water–and keep fishing.

6. Spare Treble Hooks: Hooks often become dull or damaged when worked over rocks and gravel.

7. Spare Rod Tips: If you’ve never snapped off a rod tip, you will.

8. Glue Stick and Lighter: Use these to affix a new rod tip. Heat the glue stick with the lighter, apply the glue, then slide on the new tip.