Elk_5 Excuse the news headline, but I wanted to make sure everyone had seen this (some of you probably have already). A 13-year-old named Cheyenne Moore from Kalispell, Montana got a very impressive bull at the end of November, according to a recent Associated Press Story . She was one of 200 people out of more than 1,800 applicants to draw a permit (Her father, Mike, had been trying for one since before she was born, and has still been unsuccessful!).
The linked story has a lot of details about the hunt. Cheyenne apparently passed up a 6 x 6 before getting this bull with her .280. She’s still waiting for the B&C score, and, of course, her and her dad have high hopes for it.
A Montana elk is quite an accomplishment for such a young person — and the patience to pass up a perfectly nice bull impressed me as well. Not a bad story to keep us all inspired! -K.H.