Fido’s barking is driving your neighbors nuts. Your bird dog puppy tends to forget she’s supposed to be hunting for you, not herself. Maybe Alphie needs a stronger reminder to stay off the couch. Would an electronic dog collar work for you?

There are dozens of options with costs ranging from $20 to upwards of $800, and with features ranging from single, no-bark applications to fully integrated satellite-based systems for tracking and communicating with multiple dogs over distances of up to 10 miles away. Here are some reasons you might want to be in the market for a dog collar.

1. Your dog’s barking is out of control.
There are lots of electronic dog collars offering no-bark control, but you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. You do need a durable product that’s easy to program, holds its charge and offers you options for bark control. A quality electronic no-bark dog collar should be reliable and offer stimulus only when triggered by a genuine bark.

If you’ve got an outside dog, make sure the collar you pick is waterproof and submersible, especially if the dog likes to swim. Amazon

2. You don’t want your dog getting lost.
Depending on how far your dogs tend to range, different kinds of electronic dog collar will help you track them better. Some make sounds, others also let you track them using a GPS locator. What you opt for will depend on the range required, the terrain you’re planning to cover, and how visible your dog will be where you’re going.

Finding and tracking your valuable dog isn’t something to skimp on. Amazon

3. You want to train your dog to behave.
While there are training systems that don’t use behavior-modifying collars, these do offer advantages that include immediate correction, which leaves little doubt in the dog’s mind about the behavior being addressed. Used properly they can contribute to less yelling and a more positive approach. Options available are often priced based on the range required, and whether the correction feature is combined with tracking capabilities.

Look for a collar with multiple modes of correction. This one has three: beep, vibration, and shock. Amazon