As promised, a dispatch from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. It´s sick.
Awesome. The King Kong analogy jumps into mind because these sea-run fish
are to the Michigan or Montana brand of brown trout what Kong is to
Magilla Gorilla. They tip the scales at over 20 pounds on occasion …
this one weighed 24. Brown trout-meets Atlantic Salmon-meets steelhead.
They eat large nymphs and streamers, and we are using 8-weights with sink
tips and 20-pound Maxima … often not enough.

The really cool part is that we are on the cutting edge of discovery …
likely the southernmost land-accessible trout rivers in the world. I like
the Irigoyen (pronounced erie-GO-zhen). We are 150 km south of the Rio
Grande … the climate and experience is totally different. No
two-handers, no steady winds, no barren landscape, lots of vegetation and
trees. Guides Nico and Alex Trochine have had 400 guide days on the Rio
Grande and seen 24-pound fish. We saw that here in the first week. Wanna
come (it is far …) see

Much more to come from the fin del mundo … end of the world.