campfire cooking
Essential items for your wilderness kitchen.. Courtesy Teddy Kelley/Unsplash

Tongs: A set of long, heavy-duty tongs keeps fingers away from the fire and makes handling hot meat hassle-free. $16; ­

Pit Mitts: Forget the bulky Gumby gloves. Charcoal Companion’s protective mitts woven from aramid fibers are heat resistant to 475 degrees and covered with sticky silicone webbing for a nonslip grip. $11;

Portable Grate: Caveman-style cooking isn’t for everyone. Pack along a folding grate to prop over the coals. It also makes a stable surface for frying pans. $40; ­ Fire Irons: If you’re going to get serious about campfire cooking, consider investing in a set of cowboy cooking irons. The sturdy steel crossbar and S-hooks suspend coffeepots and cookware at just the right height above the flames. $35 and up; ­black​bear​

Pres-to-Logs: Make sure your chuck box has a few sticks of fatwood, or another all-natural fire starter. This saves the time it takes to scrounge up suitable tinder and gets a cooking fire going faster. $5;

Strike Anywhere Matches: Cheap lighters have a way of failing when you need them most. Pack some strike anywhere matches in a waterproof case for reliable fire. $2;

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