Hunting dogs—whether they’re used to retrieving ducks, flush pheasants, or point quail—need to be properly trained. They also need to be properly fed so they can do the work asked of them during the course of a long day in the field.

We have prepared a series of videos and articles that tell you just how to do all this so you and your dog will have a productive hunting season. The tips you’ll learn here apply across the board, no matter the breed of your dog or the particular kind of hunting you enjoy most. Above all, the tips are designed so you and your dog can enjoy the training sessions.

Let’s get started!

a black lab retrieving during waterfowl training.

Train-As-You-Go to Keep Things Fun and Productive

Incorporate key training activities into exercise romps and hikes to simulate hunting situations and make obedience and performance natural, everyday outcomes.

a hunter and their waterfowl hunting dog.

Dog Feeding Notes for Hunting Days

Should you change-up your feeding regimen for a hard-working dog on the day of a hunt? Here are 7 key questions answered and explained.

a black lab waterfowl hunting dog

New Skills Make a Better Hunting Dog

Branching out to new experiences and adventures will improve your hunting dog’s performance at what he or she already does best. And it’s just plain fun.


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